Twitter : TweetDeck To Shutdown On Mobile On May 7th


On a sad news to many users of TweetDeck, the Twitter is going to shutdown TweetDeck App from Android PlayStore and Apple’s App Store. Twitter has confirmed that the application will be unavailable/pulled out on May 7th and all the users of TweetDeck will not be able to post any tweets on Twitter or Facebook.

The main advantage of TweetDeck was its integration with Facebook. The TweetDeck provided the major link between the two social networking giants. TweetDeck will still be available as a PC software and also as a application for browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

The knife on the TweetDeck was pulled as a part of Twitter’s restructuring and optimizing the various services. Instagram had pulled its support back from Twitter, in turn Twitter launched it’s own photo-editing platform support. Also there is music support coming up in Twitter which will be really cool !

With TweetDeck gone, users will have to switch to different applications. Which application are you switching to? Leave a comment and share with your friends!

Images Courtesy: ShinyShiny

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