4.6 Million Units Of Sony Xperia Z Sold In 40 Days

Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z

Analysts have estimated that nearly 4.6 million Sony Xperia Z have been sold in just 40 days of time. In last two months the smartphone market is now filled with a number of competitors with HTC, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Micromax and Nokia have launched a variety of smartphones and each having something unique and different than the other. By the number of units sold by Sony it can be clearly estimated that Xperia is a winner but the official number of Xperia Z is yet to be announced officially by the company.

Sony has placed Xperia Z into the market brilliantly with no delays and putting into every market as soon as possible while other smartphone companies delay and think about launching their smartphones. (For Example: HTC One was scheduled to release in March but had to delay it and The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t hit the stores until the end of the April) This proved to be advantage to Xperia Z while they advertised and put their product fast enough to beat the competition.

Xperia Z Features

  1. 5 inch Full HD display
  2. 1.5 GHz quad core processor
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. 16GB Storage
  5. MicroSD support upto 64GB
  6. 13MP Camera with Exynos RS Lens
  7. Connection LTE and NFC
  8. 2330mAh Battery
  9. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  10. Dust-Proof and Water Proof

And a DragonTrail Glass which really does not break!!!

This is really good smartphone, after breakup of the Sony and Ericsson this is a major success by the Japanese Electronics giant. I simply would recommend this phone to anyone who wants to buy a new, stronger, faster and beautiful phone but if you could wait then Samsung is gearing up for Galaxy S4 and HTC One is also going to be a great phone and in Windows Phone Lumia 920 is simply awesome except that you have to pay for every app you want to install.

Review by TheVerge.com: (Here they say Gorilla Glass but it is actually DragonTrail Glass.)

Source: AppyGeek

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