Entire Earth Will Be Online By 2020 : Eric Schmidt

Eric Schimdt
Eric Schimdt
Eric Schimdt
Eric Schimdt

Google’s Eric Schmidt when asked : “Where do you see the Earth in terms of Internet connectivity five years from now?”, he answered that even more people will have access to internet in five years and also added that by the end of this decade (by 2020) every single person on the planet will be online. This was said by Schmidt in a post on Google+ which has +1’d over 500 times (link to the post)

Also he posted a thought provoking post :

Think about how great the internet is with 2B users. Now think about how amazing it will be when 5B come online in a decade. #NewDigitalAge

(link to post)

As one of the biggest companies on the Internet, it is best for any internet company to add more users of internet and it is also in the Google’s interest to bring more and more users to internet. Google is on a mission to bring more users online by putting connected devices(i.e. Android Devices) in the hands of more and more consumers for better, faster and more easier connection of internet.

Also Google is working on Google Fiber which will provide faster internet to the consumers. If Schmidt is correct and if all the humans in the world are connected to internet in the near future then the power will be in the hands of the ordinary people and not only in the hands of the power hungry.

Google Fiber's Market Share
Google Fiber’s Market Share

According to World Bank in 2011, the internet users around the world has increased to around 34.3% of the total population around the world. To fulfill the dream of powering up the world with internet must be the primary aim of the Google Fiber. It took Android less than 5 years to make it to the top of the smartphone race. So Google Fiber must be racing to itself to the top position in internet service providing and the process making the world powered with internet.

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