NASA To Bring Astreoid Into Earths Orbit For Research



We always fear that if an asteroid comes closer to earth and strikes the earth it would wipe out the human race just like that and we will vanish similar to the way the great race Dinosaurs were wiped out, and we don’t want any such race wiping asteroid near us, not even a thousand of miles closer to us. But it seems NASA has something different in mind.

NASA will likely get $100 million next year to jump-start an audacious program to drag an asteroid into orbit around the moon for research and exploration purposes, this project might change the history of space exploration.

The funding of this project will be part of Obama Administration federal budget request for 2014, which is expected to be released soon. The money is intended to get the ball rolling on the Asteroid revival project and pushing ahead NASA also aims to send astronauts out to the captured space rock in 2021.

The program not only aims of knowing the asteroids better but also aims at finding ways to make inhostile environment suitable for living which would make the dream of living on Mars come true one day.

NASA’s plan involves catching a Near-Earth asteroid (NEA) with a robotic spacecraft, then towing the space rock to a stable lunar orbit, Nelson said. Astronauts would then be sent to the asteroid in 2021 using NASA’s Orion capsule and Space Launch System rocket, both of which are in development.

If everything goes in accordance to plan we might find a place to live in future.

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