Windows Phone Users Will Shortly Be Able To Enjoy Temple Run.

Temple Run
Temple Run

Temple Run
Temple Run

Good News!!! for Windows OS Phone users, finally the highly popular app Temple Run will be available For Windows Phone Shortly. The smart phone have become the life line of today world especially the youth who love the apps and one such Godly app is Temple Run which is one of the hottest selling app of Android.

Windows is trying to expand its App Store including more and more apps everyday to compete with the Android phone and were constantly getting pressure from user(most of them are previous Android users) to introduce temple run in windows phone.

In the recent Game Developer’s Conference 2013 it’s been announced that a variety of new titles will be coming to Windows Phone 8, including the highly popular Temple Run. Seeing the response Temple Run 2 got from the Android user it’s still one of the top selling game.

The developers behind the app, Imangi , have made it clear that they’ll be releasing this app to Windows Phone devices soon and very soon – When this app comes to Windows Phone devices, you’ll find slightly less of a flash, but a flash nonetheless, well only time will tell the success of the game but it sure as hell looks positive as users are eagerly waiting for the app.

There will be several other apps added to the store along with temple run which include apps like; 6th Planet, Orcs Must Survive, Flight Theory, Ruzzle, Propel Man, Drift Mania Championship – and more!
The users are eagerly waiting for the hot new apps and hope these Apps will be a match to the Android Apps!

Are you looking forward to it ? Let us know it your comments !

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