Apple To Launch Radio Service : iRadio

Apple iRadio To Be Launched ?
Apple iRadio To Be Launched ?
Apple iRadio To Be Launched ?
Apple iRadio To Be Launched ?

Talking about future products, Apple is lining up a series of future product possibilities or they are just rumours. But more likely they seem to be real. After iPhone 6, new iPad mini, iTV, iWatch there is one more addition to the Apple future product line up: “iRadio”. Yeah, a radio service to be launched by Apple.

As sources of Verge have said that Apple is on its way to setting up up its own radio streaming service. The biggest rivals which the iRadio will be facing are Spotify(In February 2010, Spotify received a small investment from Founders Fund where board member Sean Parker was recruited to assist Spotify in “winning the labels over in the world’s largest music market”) and Pandora.

I usually doubt when there is a rumour in the market about it’s truthfulness but Verge’s sources have quoted that “there’s no doubt that iRadio is coming” and “Significant progress has been made with Universal and Warner as cooperation from major labels is a must if Apple is going to get music in the streaming service off the ground.”

As per the sources Apple may launch iRadio services by the end of this year which will bolster the sales of iTunes or maybe it will be integrated into iTunes and whenever you listen to a song on the iRadio a buy option may come around?(This is just my conception!). If it is integrated into iTunes then iPod, iPhone, iPads and all other iOS devices might get the integration and the users can enjoy it everywhere and anywhere on their computer.

Pricing and Plans are yet to be released as it is just rumours still. What do you think ? Are you going to hear the tunes which the iRadio puts on or you think it is a worst idea ever ? Let us know in your comments and share it with your friends!

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