Sherlock Series 3 Begins Filming On March 18.

Sherlock S3
Sherlock S3

Sherlock S3E1 Clapperboard
Sherlock S3E1 Clapperboard

BBC’s much hyped Sherlock Series has started it’s shooting series 3 on March 18( Which is Today!). After months of speculations, finally the shooting of Sherlock Series 3 began and name of the first episode of this epic series Sherlock S3E1: The Empty Hearse. Written by Mark Gatiss, Directed by Jeremy Lovering.

As tweeted by Mark Gatiss:

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The first episode will be based on the original story ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’, which introduces villain Sebastian Moran which is allegedly sidekick or sniper of super villain James Moriarty, as shown in Sherlock Holmes : Game Of Shadows.

Sebastian Moran In Sherlock Holmes : Game Of Shadows
Sebastian Moran In Sherlock Holmes : Game Of Shadows

Now remember ? but he is not playing that character in the Sherlock Series 3 but I was just remarking how awesomely he acted as the terrifying sniper.

Sherlock fans are already excited after hearing the news of return of the Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman) in the third series. The last episode of Sherlock was on January 15, 2012 (The Reichenbach Fall) and after more than a year the third series has started shooting which would end by this mid summer.

All we can do, is to wait, watch and get excited by watching photographs of the shoot on the internet. What do you think ? Will the third installation will be as great as the previous two ? Leave a comment and share with your friends.

Image Courtesy: Sherlockology

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