Ferrari Cars With Mini iPad ?

Ferrari FF mini iPad integration
Ferrari FF mini iPad integration
Ferrari FF mini iPad integration
Ferrari FF mini iPad integration

Yes, the heading is true, your dream car will soon be available with mini iPad integration. This was the biggest news at the Geneva Motor Show was the unveiling of the LaFerrari but the unveiling of LaFerrari just got bigger when it was revealed that the certain new Ferrari cars will have iPad mini integration.

The mini iPad will be placed on the rear of the front seat. Which means more luxury and entertainment to the passengers sitting in the back seat of the car. The mini iPad is also going to have a Siri integration, till now there has been no comments on how it will help passengers in anyway. I think there should be “automatic driving” or “auto drive” which would really make Ferrari FF even more cooler!

The Apple fans must rejoice at this point as a giant brand Ferrari has integrated Apple products into it. However the tumbling market of Apple can also hurt the reputation and brand value of Ferrari. But never the less, Apple is also a style status.

Still there are no reports of price rise in the Ferrari FF but surely as I think the Apple gadget is surely going to cost on the bill of the Ferrari FF. But I presume, the person who is buying Ferrari FF will also have enough money to buy a “mini iPad”, so there is not going to be a big price rise in the tag of Ferari FF. So I appeal to the dreamers of Ferrari FF, keep dreaming and work hard otherwise let your dad or mother work hard.

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