Wrist-Watch iOS Devices Being Tested By Apple ?

Apple's Wrist Watch Concept
Apple's Wrist Watch Concept
Apple's Wrist Watch Concept
Apple’s Wrist Watch Concept

A New York Times report has pointed out that the Cupertino based company maybe testing Wrist-Watch iOS devices with a curved glass. All kinds of rumour are floating in the market, one of them being Sharp and Foxconn are working on Apple iTV and other being this.

But this concept of building a wrist-watch devices has been in the news for a quite sometime and it is confirmed that the project is more than just some fan art. The Apple is really experimenting with the wrist-watch devices. From the image here it looks like a iPod Nano but it is going to be more than that as reported by New York Times.

But the Apple fans need not get too excited about the testing because if it fails and if Apple sees no potential than the concept might not even reach the production line. But the current technology which has flexible displays and miniaturization points out that any big company would try out this market. So cheer up Apple fans !

Image Courtesy :Wired.com

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