Apple v/s Samsung : Apple Mobile Devices Drops Samsung Chips

Apple versus Samsung
Apple versus Samsung

Apple versus Samsung
Apple versus Samsung

Apple will not use Samsung chips in making of their mobile devices as the war heats up between the two giants. But is it a good decision by Cupertino based company ? or is it going to back fire on the company itself ?. Also other devices of Apple are going to drop Samsung chips in its devices.

Apple continued to use the Samsung ARM-based chips in the iPhone and iPads when the battle of smartphone was ongoing. But the reports from Forbes says that when the courtroom battle was ongoing, Apple already started to search for a alternative to Samsung chips. The alternative which Apple has found worthy of its product is Taiwan’s TSMC[Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company]. Apple started the switch by commissioning TSMC to make the next round of the A6 chips and then onto the production of A7.

In August 2012, Apple won a $1.05 billion verdict against Samsung from a California court over allegation that Samsung infringed on Apple patents in the design of mobile devices. Later, this year Apple had requested the California court to triple the charges of $1.05 billion charged in August 2012. But, Apple has been losing the cases all around the world including UK, Germany, Japan. And also in October 2012, Samsung won a legal round with Apple when a three judge federal appeals court panel overturned a injunction awarded to Apple in August that blocked the sales of Galaxy Nexus devices in US.

Apple uses Samsung chips only in its mobile devices iPhones and also tablets iPads but not in its Laptops and desktops. In October 2012, Apple hired chip engineer Jim Mergard who worked for Advanced Micro Devices for 16 years. This move indicates the increasing prominence of chip engineers in the mobile devices making companies.

As the two companies fight for the patents, one of them is sure to lose, which company is it going to be ? Apple or Samsung ?

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