Apple Loses ‘Pinch-to-Zoom’ Patent

Apple Pinch-To-Zoom
Apple Pinch-To-Zoom

Apple Pinch-To-Zoom
Apple Pinch-To-Zoom

Apple suffered a significant intelluctual property loss after the US Patent and Trademark Office invalidated the device maker’s “pinch-to-zoom” patent. The technology enables users of Apple devices like smartphones(iPhone) and tablets(iPad) to zoom in or out using two finger like pinching.

Apple used this patent as a key example of the propriety information technology it is trying to protect in its current case against Samsung, which also has a “pinch-to-zoom” feature in its Android OS powered devices. South Korean Smart Phone giant filed a document in federal court in San Jose, California on 19 December indicating that the US Patent Office has declared the Apple’s Patent entirely. Also Samsung document lists portions of the patent that were struck down on re-examination on the basis that prior patents also covered the same inventions and intellectual property.

This is a large chink in the Apple’s copyright case against Samsung. On 24th of August, federal court hury in San Jose, California – also presided over by current case Judge Lucy Koh – decided to punish Smart phone giant Samsung with a $1.05 billion dollars for copying six of the Apple’s patent which included pinch-to-zoom.The court proceeding continue to drag on , much to the dismay of Judge Koh.

To the surprise of no one following the case, Samsung said the development supports its request for a new trial.

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