Apple & Amazon To Settle ” App Store ” Name Battle

Apple app store
Apple app store

Apple app store
Apple app store

US magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte has ordered Apple & Amazon to settle their case over the name of their online store, known as “app store”. Apple & Amazon have been in the legal tussle over the use of the term “app store” to describe their online stores. The federal judge is now ordering the two companies to try to reach a settlement and put this case behind them.

“US magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte in San Francisco directed the companies to confer on 21st March and to bring their lead attornneys and people who have full authority to negotiate and settle the case.” Bloomberg, January 15th.

Apple had filed a lawsuit against Amazon for trademark infringement on 18th march, 2011 over the use of the term “app store.” Amazon countersued a short time later. In its countersuit, Amazon has argued that “app store” is a term too generic for one company to trademark. Amazon is not alone in this type of lawsuit, Microsoft and Apple are also in a battle.

The tussle is likely to continue and also escalate because the increasing prominence of App Stores, their sales and visibility of brand. ABI Research ranked Apple’s App store as the best app store. Followed by Google’s Android Play Store came in second and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Store at third. But when it comes to innovation there is nothing Better than Microsoft, which narrowly beat Apple, and Google came in third.

Also it is reported by App Annie that Apple’s App Store revenues for October totalled four times the revenue brought by Google’s Play Store. But at same time the Play Store is gaining prominence as the sales of Android powered devices increases, it increased by 311% in the same time. Thus we can say that the App Store is a serious business which is worth a fight.

Image Source: Digital Trends

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