Android’s Largest Market : China.



Study done by Informa Telecoms and Media has revealed that China is the largest market for Android phone sales. In China, two out of three mobile devices is powered by Android OS. In the year 2011 one-third of all the devices were sold in China alone. Android’s competitor Apple’s iPhone holds a 5% market share, and Windows Phone holds a very minor market of 1%.

With the release of new innovative Samsung SmartPhones the USA is China’s closest competitor for Android worldwide market share with 11% of the global total and the number keeps surging. It is projected by Informa Telecoms and Media that in 2013, one in every two devices sold in the USA will be powered by Android.

Smartphone sales are ever increasing despite a downturned economy because the pace at which the lifestyle and technology are fast changing. People don’t want to get left behind in this fast paced world. So it is not going to be a problem for Smartphone companies in the recent future if they keep their devices shiny and attractive. What do you think? Is Android going to dominate all of the SmartPhone market in near future ?

Source : Informa Telecoms & Media
Image Source : Androidnz

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