Which Animal Produces Most Nutritious Milk ?

Fur Seal
Fur Seal

Fur Seal milk
Fur Seal

Most of us drink the milk of cow or buffalo and some parts of the world people also drink camel’s and goat’s milk. But the most nutritious milk is produced by “the seal”. Seal’s milk is considered the most nutritious. It is most nutritious because 50% of it is composed of “fat”. This enormous amount of fat in the milk makes it sloppy. And the other 50 % is composed of protein, carbohydrates and small amount of water.

The main reason behind the production of fat-rich milk is because the seal’s newborn called “pup”. The “pup” needs to grow up fast so that it can swim in the cold water and hunt for food by itself. So the high amount of fat builds up a sheath of protective layer around its vital organ to keep it warm. With the warm body and the sufficient energy from the milk the newborn grows up in just 3 months and is able to catch fish on his own.

Also Whale’s in most studies have shown to have more than 40% of fat in their milk but it is still not confirmed. Donkey and horse milk have the lowest fat content which makes them less nutritive than any other milk. It has high quantity of water . Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has estimated that 85% of the production of milk is done by cows, 11% of the production is done by buffaloes, 2% of it is produced by goats. Top three largest producer in 2010 year are : 1) India(134 million tonnes) 2) USA(90 million tonnes) 3) China(37 million tonnes). The world in combined produces about 750 million tonnes of milk with European Union producing about 138 million tonnes of milk in 2011.

Increasing affluence in developing countries, as well as increased promotion of milk and its products, has led to a rise in it’s consumption in developing countries in recent years.

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