Flash Memory Durability Improved To More Than One Million Cycles.

Flash drive
Flash drive

A high-end flash drive available right now has capability to hold of till one million cycles. But the new NAND Flash Cells can healed with heat. With the on board heaters the NAND cell’s life can also be extended.

This new technology claims to extend the lifetime of a flash drive to more than 100 million cycles. Today’s server drive endure upto 1,000 cycles per day even in this case the flash drive would take upto 274 years to be dead. The Macronix engineers who developed this technology said that even 100 million cycles is also not the real end. The company did not have resources to evaluate the flash drive for 1 billion cycles as it would take several months.

The enormous improvement bought is about by the onboard heaters to the tiny groups of memory cells, which heals the flash memory cells. These flash memory cells used to degrade faster in the smaller cells thus the flash drive life was reduced considerably. The Macronix engineers have said that if the memory cell are heated to 800 degrees Celsius for some amount of time can entirely hel call and prevent it from degradation and returning the cell to full operation.

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