Top 10 Most Expensive Materials


What if I tell you that if you posses 1 gram of “antimatter” you are richer than the combined GDP of hundreds of nations! Well it might sound shocking and unbelievable but read this 1 gm of antimatter cost $62.5 trillion. Till now most of us dream of finding a hidden treasure filled with gold, diamond or ruby pearls etc. but now it’s time to change the dream, I guess ! From ancient times few materials such as gold, silver and diamond were considered valuable assets. For most of us diamond is the most expensive material known but unfortunately diamonds are not even close to being at the top so let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive materials and I guarantee, you would be really surprised by the price of most of the things on the list.

10. Heroin


The name sounds familiar ? Well it’s because we often hear about it in news, heroin is also called as Smack, Skag, horse, black, tar etc and is an illegal drug. Heroin is made from morphine which acts as a excellent pain killer and it has similar properties too and medically it is termed as Diamorphine (BAN) but its more known for its use by drug addicts and junkies.

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