Baidu Testing a Facial Recognition Image Search.

Chinese search engine which holds currently more than 80% of all the searches in the china is testing a new facial recognition search engine system. Just like Google’s image search where you can upload any image and the outcome or result is images related to image which was uploaded in the search engine. Something similar has been implemented in the new image search by the Baidu on The new system implemented by Baidu lets users paste in or upload an image and then run a search for a face within the frame.

The new feature of Baidu was already implemented in Google, but the company avoided implementing it for full use, as the Chairman Eric Schmidt said last year that some companies would “cross the line.” But the technology was later implemented in Google+ social network which was named “Find My Face” and has took careful steps to ensure privacy of the users by making it an opt-in feature.

Baidu has used this Facial recognition technology for a good use to find missing people in China. This technology was developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Computing Technology. With Chinese government taking steps to safeguard the privacy of its netizens, it has approved a new regulation which makes more difficult for netizens to stay anonymous online by requiring real name registration for Internet service providers and online services.

With almost $1 billion revenue last quarter and with $500 million in profit, Baidu’s dream are getting larger as they launch variety of products in future to challenge the search engine giant Google. But still Baidu faces a challenge from local competitors like Qihoo 360 and which can be compared to Bing and Ask of United States. Maybe in the future we might see a global competition between Baidu and Google, but still Baidu has a long way to go.

What will you use Google or Baidu?

Source: The Next Web

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