Facebook Users Can Now Easily Change Privacy Settings

Facebook has always been questioned over its privacy, and Mark Zuckerberg and team have always tried to work out things for their users to how to make the social network more open but also to maintain the privacy of users. The new shortcut provided by the facebook is aimed towards not-so-geek users.

Now it has become very easy to change your privacy setting directly from the task bar of facebook. This surely will help users to change their privacy settings and no one can now say that “facebook is not emphasizing on privacy settings”. The “privacy settings and tools” page also outlines an overview of privacy options and lets users prevent their timeline from being indexed by search engines.

Facebook announced the new controls on Dec. 12. The tools make it easier for you to pick which of your friends or subscribers can view your personal info, status updates and photos. It also makes it simpler for you to ask someone on the network to take down a photo in which you are featured.

Also facebook is making changes to activity log, which will make it easier to see your personal data travelling across the Facebook’s Open Graph technology. Also apps must now separately ask for permission to tap into your personal data and posting updates for you. Both these features were previously covered in one tab only. This feature will make users more aware of what is being used by the application

In addition to those changes, Facebook is also removing the option to hide from other Facebook users looking for your name. That move is designed to make Facebook a bigger player in search.

This privacy changes will surely make users more confident about their personal information on the social network. What do you think ? Will it make Facebook investors happy ?

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