Instagram v/s Twitter: Twitter To Launch Its Own Photo Filter

Twitter to launch its own photo filter by the end of this year. After the bruising move by Instagram to drop support for Twitter abruptly, the mini blogging site is coming up with its own photo filter app to directly compete against Instagram.

According to sources, Twitter is planning to add a variety of photo filters to its official app, and employees of the company are reportedly already testing the new features. Micro blogging site is working fast to quickly provide their users with a official app.

All Things Digital got a tip that such filters would be released on its app before the end of 2012. Meanwhile, The Next Web pointed out numerous telltale photos using black-and-white filters taken and posted by the company’s chairman, Jack Dorsey.

To compete Facebook acquired Instagram, Twitter might offer a higher resolution of 1024×1024-pixel then Instagram which offered 612×612-pixels. Instagram photos can still be viewed but in awkwardly cropped state in Twitter Cards.

After acquisition of the photo filtering app by Facebook, the micro-blogging site knew that they were now vulnerable on this side so they had already started work in early November itself. According to me, Twitter must have waited for this move from Facebook.

Some of the Tweets by Jack Dorsey :

[blackbirdpie url=”″]
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As we see from the Instagram point of view, the move was necessary as it had to also get hits from their advertising. So, we can’t blame the app for the move. What do you think? Is Instagram to blame for the deprecation of its App or is it just pure ugly business?

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