Top 10 Search Engines On The Internet

Without search engines, it would be very difficult for internet users to navigate on the internet. “Sir” Tim Berners-Lee had invented how to connect the pages around the world but it was search engines that really connected the users inside the circle.

Here we look at ten most successful and most sophisticated search engines around in the internet.

10. Blekko

Features the possibility to use slashtags to restrict searched sites to various topics. Offers public site statistics for webmasters.

Blekko is a consumer facing search engine focused on delivering high quality, relevant, spam-free results. It believes search should be open, transparent and collaborative. For this reason it combines traditional algorithmic search with the expertise of its users and partners to eliminate spam and deliver results from only the most reputable, best quality sites. This combination creates a highly differentiated editorial search experience that is fundamentally changing search and content discovery online.

9. DuckDuckGo

Provides a clean interface together with a no-tracking privacy policy. Offers keyboard shortcuts to navigate and zero-click information sources displayed in the search results.

DuckDuckGo appears to be a truly viable alternative to Google’s increasingly abrasive and intrusive search platform. DuckDuckGo claims that it does not track or “bubble” you– and explains its methodology very convincingly at links from its portal page.

Read more about this search engine here >>


Offers search for web sites, images, news, blogs, video, maps and directions, local search and shopping.

Ask Jeeves is a question answering focused web engine founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. The original software was implemented by Gary Chevsky from his own design. Warthen, Chevsky, Justin Grant, and others built the early website around that core engine.

7. Soso

Forums, web pages, pictures, music and other types of search services.


A search engine mostly used in South Korea and China. The main feature being the fast speed of the page results.

6. Bing

Search engine developed by Microsoft. Features web, image, video, local, news, and product search.

Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego for release on June 1. Notable changes include the listing of search suggestions while queries are entered and a list of related searches called “Explore pane” based on semantic technology from Powerset which Microsoft purchased in 2008. Still the search engine is struggling to compete against major search engines but integration of Bing into Windows Phone and Windows 8 will boost the search share in the Internet space.

5. Yandex

Finding information on the Internet with the Russian morphology, the possibility of regional specification. Parallel search for news, images, products, blog address organizations.

About Yandex:
“We are the leading internet company in Russia, operating the most popular search engine and the most visited website. We generated 60.7% of all search traffic in Russia in October 2012, and our Yandex sites attracted 50.4 million unique visitors in October 2012. We also operate in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Our mission is to answer any question internet users may have.”

4. Yahoo!

A major internet portal and service provider offering search results, customizable content, chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.

Yahoo operates a portal that provides the latest news, entertainment, and sports information. The portal also gives users access to other Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Messenger.

3. Wolfram|Alpha

Computational knowledge engine that draws on multiple sources to answer user queries directly.

It is one of the most sophisticated search engine. The reason why it is on third place is :

Linguistic analysis

New kinds of algorithms for 1000+ domains

Curated data

10+ trillion pieces of data from primary sources with continuous updating

Dynamic computation

50,000+ types of algorithms & equations

Computed presentation

5,000+ types of visual and tabular output

And many many other features! It is one of the coolest search engine. You can also analyse your facebook activity here ! I just used a free account and was totally amazed!!!, I wonder what the Pro account does !!! Try this search engine … if you do search, search facebook and upload your profile in it. You will surely be amazed to see how this search engine works.

2. Baidu

The leading Chinese language search engine, provides “simple and reliable” search experience, strong in Chinese language and multi-media content including MP3 music and movies, the first to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile search in China.

Baidu is the Chinese web search engine which became prominent in China after the Google’s ouster from the country. Baidu has seized the opportunity and cleverly eliminating its rivals has placed itself into the empty space. The algorithms of Chinese search engine are very strong and provides a very clear result.

1. Google

Enables users to search the world’s information, including webpages, images, and videos. Offers unique features and search technology.

The undisputed king in the search engine market, no search engine has ever been able to capture the market size as large as this search engine. It is most likely that when you search for something you will eventually find it in the first page itself. Processing over 2 billion searches per day it is certainly a giant. But the US anti-trust is looking into Google as it is assumed that the giant keeps its user in a “Bubble”. Read More >>

This are the Top 10 search engines of the Internet. Are they in proper ranks? If not what do you think ?

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