Does time really Exists ?

Time is all around us but is it really what we think it is???

Time always flow forward but can it flow backwards do events unfold one after another or do past ,present and future exists simultaneously its one of the most challenging topic in science questioning our basic assumption about reality is time fundamental part of the universe or could it be that time really exists.
When I say the time to you it may vary according to when and where you are for most of us time is a set of numbers to gauge the days we live our lives according to clocks waking up, going to work coming back and following the same routine over and over again but it wasn’t always like this before there were boundations of only days were not decided by numbers but Nowadays life is a race against time.

So what is time????

Time is something that keeps things organized. It’s like a manager which schedules everything and everything from happening on one time and avoids chaos, it basically keeps an order of things happening around us.
The time as we know it is the time at Greenwich meridian passing through Greenwich, England this meridian is considered as the zero or the reference meridian and all other time are measured with respect to it.
History of Time
Newton believed that the universe was a giant clock set in motion by the gods themselves but he was obviously wrong as he considered time as absolute which is not the true case.
Time is not absolute it’s a relational event as given by Einstein according to the theory of relativity. The told that time and space are related by space-time relationship and as a result time vary with gravity the time vary for astronauts faster than us on earth.

Mystery of Time…!!!

Einstein theory according to which time exists simultaneously just like space there are discrete phases of time which exists simultaneously but somewhere else the major difference is time is organized the events will occur one after another and you cannot go to the past or future you will be synchronized with time and move with the pace of time which is present.
With age the time rate increases although the time minute consists of 60 seconds same for everybody but it feels different.

Why time move forward only???

Time is like an arrow fired in the forward direction .The answer lies in the entropy which is how chaotic things are in the universe as the time goes on entropy goes on increasing which is the reason for forward direction of time. According to older time when chaos is low there is no difference in one direction(future to past) to another(past to future) but when the chaos increases the going back is tough as a result time only goes in one direction past to future.

Does time really exists??

According to a leading scientist time does not exist it’s a physiological effect and can be varied. the existence of time was questioned from over 2500 years before an ancient philosopher premed’s he said motion is impossible for an object to move it will have to take steps infinite serious of fractional steps to get from one place to another which is impossible and if motion is impossible then time is an illusion but surely motion is possible we see that in our everyday life and time also passes but is it really passing no not really time is in the instant, not the other way around.
So in reality time doesn’t exist what matters how object relates to each other in freeze frame of space. basically huge collection of snapshots which when combined in proper ordered forms our past, present and future just like a movie in which we move 20 frames per minute to form a illusion of a continuous movement but nothing is moving what we call time is an illusion according to Neurologist and physicians.
But there has been a very wide criticism on this concept people has hard time digesting the fact that what they see daily is not real but just an illusion.
Just give it a thought and it will really make you question the reality of time on which your everyday activity rely …!!!

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