Facebook Messenger For Non-Users of Facebook

Well, there were speculations in the market that Facebook is going to buy out WhatsApp but on Tuesday Facebook has introduced a new feature into its Android’s Messenger App. The Messenger App now lets users log in with a name and a phone number without their account info.

The new feature is set to hit markets in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela and South Africa and will open up in other markets “shortly after” according to the Facebook. This move by Facebook is probably due to allure the customers/users of Facebook who have deleted their accounts on Facebook.

Facebook is likely going to face a competition from a large number of apps in the similar field. Largely by WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, GoogleVoice and many other apps. The upgrade is still to hit the iOS markets. As pointed out by one of the users WhatsApp has Group SMS technology which has upper edge over the Messenger, while Messenger has better design layout then WhatsApp.

Meanwhile Android users can download the App here.

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