One meal of junk food can cause Heart Disease..!!!

Crazy about Junk food, gulping Burgers pizzas everyday you might want to rethink about your diet a recent study revealed that eating even a single junk food meal can be enough to raise the risk of suffering a heart attack, cardiovascular disease or stroke in later life, new study led by an Indian-origin researcher has warned.

The consequences of consuming the junk food are well known to everybody, the doctors all around the world suggest you to avoid intake of junk food as much as possible consumption of junk food results in obesity and consequently result in heart related diseases but this new study reveals that eating junk food is totally NO! NO! Even a single Burger can lead to catastrophic result in later life.

Experts at the EPIC Centre of Canada’s Montreal Heart Institute, affiliated to the University of Montreal, had revealed these results after many years of research on the effects of junk food on Heart. The Experts also say the key to staving off heart disease and other illnesses caused by clogged arteries is to switch to a Mediterranean-style diet, based on healthy foods like oily fish, fresh vegetables and olive oil.

Dr Anil Nigam, director of research at EPIC and associate professor at the university’s Faculty of Medicine compared the effects of junk food and a typical Mediterranean meal on the ability of arteries to dilate after a temporary five-minute blockage.

The research looked at 28 non-smoking men, who ate a Mediterranean-type meal first and then a junk food-type meal one week later.

After the Mediterranean-style meal the men’s arteries were found to dilate normally and maintain good blood flow.
But after eating the junk food the arteries of the study participants dilated 24 per cent less than they did when in a fasting state.

So next time when you are about to take bites from a burger please do think about your heart..!!!

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