Facts About Devastating Hurricane Sandy


The East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean Islands has been hit by Hurricane Sandy for almost 9 days now and the devastation caused by it is huge. Scientists and Environmentalists had already warned about the climate changes before. Also, the religious man John McTernan is blaming Gays/Lesbians and Obama/Romney for the Hurricane.

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Here are some of the facts about Hurricane Sandy :

  • Hurricane Sandy started of its journey from Jamaica on 22nd October, developing from an elongated tropical wave near the Caribbean sea.
  • Super storm Sandy was 900 miles wide and had speed more than 90 mph.
  • More than a million people in a dozen states along the storm’s path were ordered to evacuate, as homes sunk underwater and fierce winds toppled trees. The Red Cross housed more than 11,000 people across 16 states and the city’s shelter housed 6,100 people.
  • Hurricane Sandy has caused economic loss of more than $45 billion making it USA’s
    “It seems likely that Sandy will impose greater destruction of property, and add to that the loss of about two days commercial activity, spread over a week across 25 percent of the economy, an initial estimate of the economic losses imposed by Sandy is about $35 to 45 billion,” writes business professor Peter Morici at CNBC
  • More than 8.1 million homes and businesses on the East Coast of the United States out of power on Tuesday after the storm stripped power lines, flooded networks and sparked an explosion at a power station on Manhattan’s East River. (8.4 million outages at the peak of Hurricane Irene last year.)

    An additional 145 000 people lost power in the Canadian province of Ontario.

  • Worst damage to NY subway in 108 years.
  • In Worst affected area Irish enclave of Breezy Point in Queens more than 100 homes were destroyed by an overnight blaze.
  • During the height of the storm, estimates suggest there were over three and a half million tweets with the hashtag #Sandy, according to the New York Times. Instagram’s chief executive officer Kevin Systrom told the Associated Press that about 10 pictures per second were being uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #sandy.
  • There was no trading for two days on Wall Street as a result of the storm damage. The last time the New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days for weather-related reasons was 1888.

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