Can we travel faster than Light??

Humans has always gazed up the stars for thousands of years we thought they were as close as sun and moon, that close we just have to reach out and grab it but know we know that really how vast the universe is, the closest star is 25,000 trillion miles away and the fastest spacecraft we have today will take almost 10,000 years to reach there. To explore more and become true dominant of the space we have to do something which is impossible according to physics that is we have to travel faster than a Beam of light.

What is the speed of Light?

Speed of light is 186000 miles/second and nothing goes faster than the speed of light, now to understand how fast it is consider that in one second light can circle the earth 7 times now that’s is really lighting fast .The speed of light is constant it never changes.

Why we cannot travel faster than Light?

Albert Einstein theory of relativity shows that time and space are not absolute but they are connected. Time and space are interlinked then surely there is a relation between Energy and Mass. This theory led to Einstein famous equation (E=mC^2) Energy and mass are related.

This equation restrict us from travelling faster than light .suppose an spacecraft in moving in space at a certain speed now to increase it speed we have to accelerate by providing energy, now according to Einstein’s equation when we increase energy mass of the spacecraft also increase and providing energy to reach to speed of light will make spacecraft infinitely massive.

What is the solution?

The solution lie’s is in Einstein theory itself, Einstein stated that we can bend space and time. Or you can say in simple words we can move space. So simple solution is to contract the space on front of you moving you closer to things forward of you and expanding the space behind you taking you away from them so basically you are stationary and things around you are moving as a result you will not gain any mass and as there is no boundation as to how fast space can expand or contract we will be able to travel faster than light.

How to move space?

To move the space we need a mysterious power source called as negative energy. This can be understood by simple example that when we bring two metal plates together down to atomic levels the negative energy bring them more closer or you can say that the negative energy expands space around the two plates bringing them closer, isn’t it fascinating.

The technologies above are still in their early phase and are only theoretical concepts but still it’s a start who knows may be in course of time we could actually practically implement this technology. The concept of wormhole entering in one part of space and going to other in seconds as seen in Sci-Fi movies might come true.

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