eBay and FedEx Join Hands To Deliver Faster

eBay and FedEx have joined hands to deliver faster to their customers. It is a attacking move towards Amazon Inc. by eBay which is World’s Biggest Online Marketplace. This crucial deal between eBay and FedEx will be greatly benefited by the customers/merchants of eBay.

EBay merchants will be able to print FedEx labels at home and ship at a discount of as much as 37 percent, said Carl Gish, EBay’s vice president of shipping. eBay is also adding tracking and duty estimator features to international orders through a partnership with Pitney Bowes Inc. .

The accord between the two giants eBay and FedEx is another shift in the industry forced by the Amazon’s presence/success. Amazon’s success has previously affected huge companies like Microsoft and Apple in a big way. Also, eBay was affected by the Amazon’s Prime program – which offers members free two-day shipping at the cost of an annual $79 fee – has made rapid delivery the industry norm.

“We’ve been asking sellers to meet buyer expectations of free shipping and tracking,” Gish said in an interview. “It’s something our sellers have been asking for for a while, given that we have USPS and UPS. FedEx, as a major player in that space, is clearly a great partner for both our buyers and sellers.” The Internet retailer is rolling out the program in the coming months. EBay already lets sellers print labels for packages sent via the U.S. Postal Service and United Parcel Service Inc.

Sellers could choose FedEx as a shipping option before now, though they had to go to a physical store to print labels, which meant the service often wasn’t used, Gish said. Merchants will still have to travel to a FedEx store to mail the final product, according to Johnna Hoff, an EBay spokeswoman.

More than 40 percent of EBay sellers in the U.S. use its label-printing services already, Hoff said. While Amazon offers some shipping services, EBay doesn’t pay for any of its sellers’ shipping. The discount FedEx is offering will be offset by the rise in merchants choosing it as a carrier, Gish said.

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