“Kick It Out” a Responsible Move By PFA or a Rat-Race For Credit ?

Within a few days of protest against the announcement of PFA ’s campaign for anti-racism “Kick It Out” many players including Reading striker Jason Roberts and Anton and Rio Ferdinand are possibly moving towards to make a potentially different and more effective association for black players.

“Kick It Out has done some substantial things, but as an organisation it is not seriously funded, and it should be.” Society of Black Lawyers chair, Peter Herbert, confirmed that talks about a new organisation were at an early stage.

On the counterpart the government sports minister Hugh Robertson, the FA chairman, David Bernstein, and the Professional Footballers’ Association ( PFA ) chief executive, Gordon Taylor, were among those to praise “Kick It Out” and strongly commented on a potential breakaway of a new union as a counterproductive move that can possibly affect the unity among the players.

As a result of this the Professional Footballer’s Association ( PFA) has announced proposals for a new initiative to tackle such racist problems very effectively and seriously by bringing on its Six-point action plan.

The Six points as stated by Gordon Taylor in a Press Association are:-

  • A committed speedy process for any case of reported racial abuse.
  • A knottier imposition of penalties on accused players.
  • Announcement of a gross misconduct of racially abuse and potentially sack able offense for player and coach contracts.
  • It also covers all areas like potential discrimination which include gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and Islam phobia.
  • An English form of the “Rooney rule”- introduced by the NFL in America in 2003 – to make sure that the qualified black coaches are on interview list for job vacancies.
  • Proportion of black coaches and managers to be monitored and any inequality in such way is to be highlighted.
  • Although the promises made by PFA through such points are very convincing to some but some are feeling it very hard to believe about the positive results. It’s good to have a strong opposition in such cases as it will finally provide a perfect direction to the anti-racism campaign.

    The following days will be interesting to make note for a final so looking rat race for credit. Do you think this decision of PFA will really help to Kick-Out the racism from Football ?

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