Hawk-Eye and GoalRef to Decide The Future of “Goals”

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For a long time there has been a hot debate as to whether include technologies such as Hawk-Eye and GoalRef into football or not, most of the players were against it, arguing that it will destroy the essence of the game but in the light of recent events the Governing Authority IFAB has finally licensed for the worldwide use of two Goal-Line technologies Hawk-Eye and GoalRef.

“This milestone means that the companies now have authorization to install their technology systems worldwide” said FIFA spokesman. The installation and proper use of these technologies still require a time till December at FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.

Many pundits are considering it as a milestone in the history of football, believing and hoping for a error free goal decisions in the coming future. Technology was adopted into Football rule book in July this year by the governing Authority, the “International Football Association Board (IFAB)”.

This decision of IFAB was basically forced by the error in referring of the most infamous Phantom Goals by Frank Lampard for England against Germany in World Cup 2010 forcing England’s defeat which eventually lead to their elimination from the World Cup.

The second instance was the goal scored by Sulley Muntari’s goal for A C Milan in a top of the table Series A clash against Juventus. This incident has a decisive impact on the outcome of championship as Milan were eventually pegged to 1-1 draw and Juventus wins the title.

How does Hawk-Eye Works?

It implants six cameras focusing on each goal to track the ball’s pitch movement.
The installed System Software then uses “triangulation” to pin point the next location of the ball. If the ball crosses the line an encrypted radio signal is generated and send to referee’s wristwatch to indicate a goal that has been scored. In the line with FIFA’s instructions the whole process requires less than a minute.

How does GoalRef works?

It basically implants a microchip in the ball and uses the laws of magnetic waves around the goal. In this technology the system detects any change in the magnetic field on or behind the goal line to detect if the goal has been scored. This technology as per FIFA’s guidelines takes less than 1 min to show the results electronics to the referee.

FIFA is positive that with the introduction of these new technologies they can put an end to the controversies surrounding wrong decisions; with new technology the probability of judgement errors will be significantly reduced.

Will this move make Football better or worse? What do you think?

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