Ugly Truth : How Google Keeps Us In A Bubble

A DuckDuckgo video on Vimeo, more like a commercial, shows how Google keeps us bubble and how they manipulate our search results. The is a very pure search engine with a aim of “Equality To All”. There privacy policy is clear they do not track you and keep you in bubble like many other sites do.

DuckDuckGo Video

Not only Google, your favorite social network Facebook, your favorite news website Washington Post, Huffington Post, Flipboard, Yahoo News etc also does that and also Amazon, NetFlix has also does that ! And you thought Internet was going to be more open space ! Watch this TED video by Eli Parisar to understand more on how the big brands control the internet world and how smaller businesses are crushed out :

After watching this video you might be asking yourself where the hell is the Google’s moto of “Don’t Be Evil” satisfied here? What do you think on this ?

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