Lenovo’s New Laptop : Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo’s new laptop IdeaPad Yoga is totally a revolutionary laptop. Actually, it isn’t a laptop at all it is a hybrid laptop/tablet computer. In recent few years the smartphones and tablets have taken over the markets and the decreasing sales of laptops and computers have been a big concern to the companies manufacturing laptop/desktop computers. But, Lenovo had forseen the future and has came out with a completely new revolutionary product.

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The IdeaPad which is loaded with sexy new Windows 8 has 10 finger touch capability. The IdeaPad Yoga is 17mm thick. Its hybrid design was achieved through the use of a special patented hinge that allows the keyboard to flip flush to the back of the display. The Yoga 13’s hinge allows the device to be held partway open so it can be set upright on a flat surface as a display. When the keyboard is folded away the computer functions as a touch-controlled tablet. The Yoga 13’s tablet functionality is made possible through Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Yoga comes with Four Modes which are shown below :

Laptop Mode

laptop mode yoga

Tablet Mode

Tablet mode yoga

Tent Mode

Tent Mode yoga

Stand Mode

stand mode yoga

So are you willing to buy a IdeaPad Yoga? The Yoga will be released on 26th October 2012 at a price of $1,099 for the 13-inch, and $799 for the 11-inch version.

The reason for the convertible tablet design was explained by Yuan Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo. He said, “Whether a notebook that bends and folds, or an all-in-one that puts the ‘wide’ into wide-angle, today’s announcements reflect our focus on delivering the inspirational innovations that consumers are looking for.”

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