Curiosity Rover Digs Up Unidentified Material on Mars Surface: NASA Scientists

The $2.5 billion Mars rover Curiosity which was send to explore the red planet has found some more bright stuff on the Red Planet, according to the latest reports by NASA scientists.

The curiosity rover which is about the size of a Mini Cooper car is scanning the mars surface from Aug 5 2012,the day it landed on the surface of mars.

Curiosity is scooping up Mars dirt in a spot called “Rocknest” and it has previously also spotted shiny material which later prove out to be Plastic fallen from the body the curiosity Rover, the debris fallen from spacecraft had spread all over the place and are creating confusion for the scientists.

The new particle dug up by the Mars rover is an odd white fleck that sticks out like a beacon in the reddish soil. It’s only 1 millimeter in size and was spotted after the rover used its mechanical scoop to dig up some dust.

Project scientist John Grotzinger (GRAWT’-sihn-ger) said researchers first thought it was earthly contamination from Curiosity. But it’s likely natural Martian soil that looks different because of the way it’s angled in the light or how the soil broke apart. Or it could be made of different minerals.

“Confidence for going ahead with the third scooping was based on new assessment that other bright particles in the area are native Martian material,” NASA officials said. “One factor in that consideration is seeing some bright particles embedded in clods of Martian soil.”

Curiosity had been in the midst of preparing to feed soil into its Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument, which bounces thin beams of X-rays off a sample to read its mineral composition.

Curiosity’s third scoop of Mars dirt will be the first sample to actually be processed by the rover’s Chemistry and Mineralogy instrument, known as CheMin. A later Mars sample will be scooped up and deposited inside the rover’s Sample Analysis at Mars, or SAM, instrument.

CheMin and SAM tools are two of the core instruments on Curiosity designed to determine if Mars may have once been habitable for microbial life.

The Scientists are eagerly waiting for the test results of the Sample as it will give a better insight to whether there are really mysterious Particle present on the surface of mars or its just one more of the Debris fallen from the Spacecraft.

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