LIVE : Free Fall From 120,000ft Above The Earth Watch Now !!!

In a mission Red Bull Stratos – Free Fall from Edge of Space,Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartne is going to free fall/jump from 120,000 Feet almost 23 miles from the surface of the earth. The above video is a live video from YouTube. Firstly the astronaut would be taken up by a Helium Balloon then he would take the plunge into the world records!

This is not the first attempt of the Austrian skydiver Felix Baugartne. Baumgartner’s first attempt at the space jump, which drew more than 1 million people on YouTube, was postponed following windy conditions Tuesday.

Felix Baumgartner is successful, he’ll freefall from about two miles higher than Joseph William Kittinger II did, and in the course of his journey downwards, which will be about 10 minutes, he will break the sound barrier also. The previous altitude record is held by U.S. Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger, who jumped 102,800 feet in 1961.

The skydiver is in constant contact with the Control Center in Roswell, New Mexico. The BBC and National Geographic are also recording this free fall for documentary purposes. This is history in making you must not miss it!!!
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