Samsung Galaxy Tablet Sales Ban Lifted In US

Happy days for Samsung are back. Firstly, the criticism of iPhone 5 (Apple Maps and Purple haze in camera Pics) and now U.S. court of Appeals has overturned a preliminary injunction on the sale of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Galaxy Nexus Smartphone on Thursday, dealing a blow to Apple Inc in a battle against Google Inc’s increasingly popular mobile software.

Apple is waging war on several fronts against Google, whose Android software powers many of the South Korean Giant Samsung devices. Recently, a high-wattage trial to determine whether Samsung’s products infringed on Apple patents ended in August with a sweeping victory for the iPhone maker, the Jury ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 bn in damages and ban sales on some of its products.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that the district court in California “abused its discretion in entering an injunction.” The appeals court has sent the case back to a lower California court for reconsideration.

Although The Nexus is an ageing product in Samsung’s line-up, with a whole new series of Tablets and Smartphone’s intended for launch before the holidays. But overturning of the pre-trial ban is a slap across the face for Apple because the infringement charges which involve software-enabled features such as click-to-zoom and so on – are directly related to features of Android, which powers the majority of the world’s Smartphone’s.

On Wednesday, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt called the intensifying struggle between Apple and his company a “defining fight” for the future of the mobile industry.

Now Samsung can take a sigh of relief, who is fighting Court cases all over the world against Apple. This verdict is definitely a psychological win for the South Korean Company. With the holiday season approaching its good for business prospect also.

What do you think? Will Apple be able to Re-Ban Samsung Products ? Or Is Samsung too hard to break ?
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