Apple Settles With Swiss Train Company

It looks like Apple is trying to set an example in the Tech world that if you copy something you should accept it and be ready to bear the consequences, Apple has agreed to license a clock design, after hearing its own time ticker in IOS 6 was a little too similar to one made over 60 years ago.

Swiss company SBB recently pointed out that the time teller in Apple’s latest operating system looks quite a lot like its own iconic one designed in 1944. Now SBB has punted out a press release saying Apple has agreed to pay for the right to use the design. The exact terms will remain confidential.

The station clock was designed by then SBB employee Hans Hilfiker. More than 60 years later, it’s still used in stations throughout the railway service, and is licensed to Mondaine, a Swiss watch maker. So for Apple to use it without permission of the company was not justified.

Apple itself has filed hundreds of cases of patent in fragments in courts all over the world and it has handled this case pretty well keeping things out of court and settling the dispute inside quietly, sending a message to its opponents.

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