Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

For those who are looking for a cheaper and smaller alternative of the Samsung’s masterpiece Galaxy S3, Samsung has unveiled a smaller version of its popular Galaxy S3 Smartphone;the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, as the Korean electronics giant ramps up competition with Apple’s iPhone.

The device is named the Galaxy S3 mini, features a 4-inch screen and the latest version of Google’s Android operating system. By comparison, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 Smartphone has a 4.8-inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini isn’t as powerful its flagship phone, but the company says the device “can be an optimal choice for consumers who are looking for more practical Smartphone’s.”

While Samsung may be counting on the new device to help it compete with Apple, it’s not likely to change much in the U.S. The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini doesn’t include 4G LTE capabilities, and the processor and camera are both less capable. The chip used in the mini is dual core, rather than quad core like the S3. And the camera is only five megapixels instead of eight.

Samsung hasn’t yet provided details about availability or pricing, but the Price is expected to be between $350-$430.The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini looks impressive and although it is not a match for the Apple’s iPhone it might affect the sales of the phone and help Samsung to increase its stronghold in Smartphone Market.

Below are the full phone specifications

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