iPad Mini to have Wi-Fi Connectivity only

After the launch of iPhone 5, Apple is hot in news again regarding the launch of its new product iPad mini and like Apple’s all other products there are various rumours spreading about the alleged features present in its new product. The ‘iPad mini’, which is likely to be released on October 23, would be a Wi-Fi only tablet, reports have claimed, the new device is not thought to be capable of connecting to the Internet via 3G or 4G.

According to the Guardian, industry sources revealed Apple would also release a new version of the existing iPad, which will be 4G-capable in the UK, through everything every where’s 1800MHz network.

Apple iPad Advertiement

Apple took the brave step of launching the iPad Mini without 3G or 4G connectivity as it would keep costs down, which could allow Apple to price the tablet in line with its 7-inch rivals such as Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire which are giving the Apple’s iPad a really tough competition in the tablet market.

The iPad Mini is expected to be available in shops from November 2 in time for the pre-Christmas rush, priced between $250-$300. We hope that iPad mini is also not full of mistakes of iPhone 5. The Bad camera and unreliable Maps were few features which are highly criticized;However, Apple is working on its Maps but this mistakes are still a big concern for the repute of the company which is known for its innovation and excellence.

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