Windows Phone 8 to be launched on 29th October

The preparations are on its peak as Microsoft is all set to launch its windows phone 8 OS, On Monday, October 29th at 10AM, Microsoft will unveil the curtains from its new mobile OS originally codenamed ‘Apollo’. The event will take place in a grand opening ceremony in San Francisco. There is lot of expectations from the OS as it will be in direct competition with the apple’s new IOS 6 and Google’s android jelly beans.

Mobile giants such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung have already put their trust in Microsoft and announced their windows phone 8 based mobile phone and now they are eagerly waiting for the launch of the OS, for Quite some time there were rumors that Microsoft will release the OS in autumn and now its decided the date, the unmasking of the much awaited software will take place on the 29th of October.

Sneak Peek :

The sneak peek given by Microsoft reveals that The Windows Phone 8 OS replaces the Windows Embedded core with a Windows NT-based one. The latest operating system includes Multicore support, NFC/Wallet support, removable Micro SD card storage (for certain phone models), encryption, and secure boot. Windows Phone 8 will support two new screen resolutions: 1,280×768 and 1,280×720, in addition to the existing 480×800.

There is a lot on stake for both Microsoft and Nokia; the performance of this new OS will be a crucial for the both companies to make a mark in the Smartphone market.

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