Sony Xperia Tablet S Sales Suspended Due to Manufacturing Issues

Sony made a brave decision to suspend the sales of Sony Xperia Tablet S sales as result of a manufacturing issue resulting in gaps between the screen and the panel, large enough to make the affected machines susceptible to water damage, and that’s certainly not good for the tablet which is being marketed as “Splash Proof.”

Keeping in mind the USP of the product was that it was water resistant this was a very bizarre mistake in manufacturing, the company is concerned about its image in market as a result they are pulling back the product before the customers start complaining. The users who already bought one can return it and get it fixed for free.

The Xperia S is the first Sony tablet to earn the Xperia name after their split with Ericsson earlier this year. Like Samsung before them, Sony has chosen to keep their Smartphone’s and tablets branded underneath the same name.

The Xperia Tablet S has been on the market for only a few weeks, launched in September. Sony managed to ship about 100,000 slates to retailers, and estimates that the recall costs shouldn’t have an impact on its bottom line.

According to Sony this inconvenience won’t affect the sales notably, and there tablet will perform well in the market. Only time will tell how much the sales of the product will be affected, till now there is no information when the new Tablet S stock will go on sale again.

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