Apple Accused Of Copying By Swiss National Train Company

This might be quite of shocking news as to what does a rail company can probably accuse apple of copying, but looks like apple gets a taste of its own medicine, the Swiss rail company has accused apple of copying its iconic clock format in their new Clock app on the iPad in IOS 6.

A spokesman for the Swiss Federal Railways has said that the company is “proud” that Apple used its design but that the company never asked it for permission.“We’ve approached Apple and told them that the rights for this clock belong to us,” he said in an interview with the AP. He said that the company would like Apple to pay a licensing fee.

In the image above you can see the clear resembles in the pattern, on the left is the Swiss rail company watch which has been there for about 66 years with the company and on the right is the clock in the Iphone 5.Both have the same white background, black colored minute and hour hand, with a contrasting red colored seconds hand with a circular head.

Apple himself has filed several cases against rival companies, including the win over Samsung getting $1.05 billion in compensation let’s see how this case turns out.

Apple remains unavailable for comment.

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