After “Surface Tablet” Microsoft In Talks To Launch “Surface Phone”

Microsoft, the software juggernaut is making big changes in the company. With the CEO Steve Ballmer the company is no longer just software company. The company’s CEO thinks that the future lies in a “devices-and-services company.”

After the surprising launch of “Surface Tablet”, the company is in talks to launch “Surface Phone” sometime next year(2013). But the company spokesperson are denying on the launch of any phone. “We are big believers in our hardware partners and together we’re focused on bringing Windows Phone 8 to market with them ” quoted the spokesperson to the

Microsoft’s “Surface tablet” which will be launching on 25th October at midnight is the start and experiment by the software giant in the hardware. The software giant’s leap into hardware will maybe quite similar to the giant’s entering into the Internet world, “A Little Late”.

Microsoft has been evaluating ways to sell the tablet alongside subscription services or bundled-in packages at its Microsoft Stores. The approach could mean we’ll see a low-priced Surface tablet with a subscription model that mirrors a similar one for the company’s $99 Xbox 360. Microsoft’s Xbox subscription is a pilot program to test whether such an offering is popular with consumers ahead of its Surface release and next-generation Xbox. Also, Microsoft has been working closely with US operators to offer Windows 8 tablets this holiday season alongside Windows Phone deals. The combination is designed to generate additional interest in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but if the deals fail to generate momentum behind Windows Phone 8 sales then a Surface phone appears to be the next logical step.

A Surface phone would presumably bypass carriers and receive software update directly from Microsoft, just as Nexus devices do from Google. Windows Phone 7 owners battled against carriers to receive regular updates that were held back in some cases. Whereas Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility isn’t necessarily a sign of the search giant entering into its own hardware business at the expense of its Nexus partners, Microsoft’s Surface move signals a new future for a company synonymous with software. A Microsoft-made phone would pit it directly against its ally — Nokia.

Microsoft ties with Nokia,HTC would surely get hurt if Microsoft is launching Surface Phone. Nokia’s Windows 8 phone sales are increasing with each quarter but not at the desired speed. Also, Windows is trying to increase sales with HTC. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says he has “no indications they are planning to do their own phone,” but in a separate interview he also admits he didn’t know about the Surface tablet either. “We were no different than anybody else.” If Microsoft is preparing to launch a Surface phone, then, like its tablet, it will surprise everyone.

In my opinion Windows must not release its Surface Phone for now because the sales of Nokia and HTC are increasing and they are creating a sizable market share however the war between Samsung and iPhone has attracted many customers to buy Android based Samsung Phones and iOS based iPhones. Microsoft has missed that war and right now are the minority side but Nokia Lumia being competitive and many awesome features of the 920 model with amazing lively colors (Apple used the same idea of being colorful in the Apple Computers in the past) is trying to compete with these two giants.

Source: and Siddharth Gupta

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