Samsung New Advertisement Mocks iPhone 5 Heating Up The Battle

Looks like Samsung is not very well digesting the facts that firstly they are being called copycat and were ordered to pay $1.05 billion as compensation to apple and now the record breaking sales of apple iPhone 5.

They had decided to give a reply to apple in its new commercial. The latest adv. of the Samsung mocks the iPhone 5 the latest product of apple. The adv. is really a creative work by the Samsung team.

The adv mocks people waiting in queue outside the retail store to purchase the new iphone5 discussing various new features that they think will be a part of new product like the new dock connector, larger screen and LTE — the latter of which are said to be old news by those with Samsung’s Galaxy S3.

Samsung also pokes fun at people saving spots in line; with a humorous twist that one individual is saving a spot for his parents.The people in queue are surprised with the amazing features in the galaxy SIII one touch data transfer, 4G, bigger screen but customer still showing their loyalty to apple says we will get this next time.

Well Samsung proved its point in this ad that they are one step ahead of apple in terms of features and the next big thing (galaxy SIII) is already here.

Now the question arises will apple respond to the adv. and if it does it might be a start of a whole a new
commercial fight between the two electronics giant like the Cola Companies, Coke and Pepsi.

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