Apple v/s Samsung : Apple Loses German Patent against Samsung, Motorola.

A German court has dismissed Apple Inc.’s claim that Samsung Electronics and Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility infringed patents used in touch-screen devices of Apple. It seems that small blows from around the world such as Japan and now Germany are going to hurt Apple’s reputation in a big way.

Yet the ruling can be appealed within 30 days said the Mannheim state court following the similiar decisions taken in United Kingdom and Holland/Netherlands.

Apple has always been in huge battleground since its existence first it was IBM then Microsoft and now Samsung and Google. With recent launching of iPhone 5 the battle seems to have intensified.

Last month a U.S. court ruled that Samsung phones and tablets infringe on Apple patents, and awarded the company $1.05 billion which still being reviewed by Apple and asking for additional $770 million.

Meanwhile, Samsung is seeking royalties from Apple for sales of iPhones it says infringe on its patents.

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