Anti Islam Movie Raises Questions Over The “Freedom Of Speech Right”

The newspaper all over the world are filled with the reports of protests by hundred of Muslims felt their religion being offended by a small budget movie “Innocence of Muslims.” In which the director has mocked the Prophet Mohammed.

The protestors in some parts have even taken law into their hand. The incidents include an attack in Libya in which a US ambassador was killed and several US embassy all over the world especially in middle east were attacked, infact the situations got so worse that US president Barack Obama had to organize a press conference and had to give a explanation that the movie doesn’t have anything to do with US it was directors personal views and you cannot blame the whole country for that.

The authorities ordered Google to remove the video from you tube immediately so as to avoid condition getting worse.While the man behind an anti-Islam movie that ignited violence across the Middle East would likely face swift punishment in his native Egypt for making the film, in America the government is in the thorny position of protecting his free speech rights and looking out for his safety even while condemning his message.

The Muslim leaders all over the world want the government to impose some restriction on “the freedom of speech right” as nobody has should be given a right insult any religion. Whatever may be reason but this incident will surely make USA to reconsider its First Amendment to the United States Constitution as such events can occur in future having serious ramifications.

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