No Indian Universities In Global Top 200

The latest QS World University Rankings has seen another disappointing performance by India. Even the Indian president showed his concern on this issue. President on Saturday in his address at the 58th annual convocation of IIT-Kharagpur said “I must convey my sense of dismay on seeing a recent report that not a single Indian university, including the premier Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs), featuring in the 200 top-rated universities in the world,”

He further added “You may question the report but for me the important question is why are we – a rising economic superpower – not able to promote our standards to be rated indisputably among the top 10 or even top 50 or 100,”

He raised a really important question why the Indians technical institutes IIT’s which are one considered as one of the most prestigious universities all over the world and the Indians have proved their potential all over the world time and again, but the latest QS World University Rankings reveal something else.

Once again the western universities from UK and US bagged the top positions with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) taking top honors among the 500 global universities ranked in the report. MIT is followed by #2 University of Cambridge (UK), #3 Harvard University (US), #4 University College London (UK) and #5 University of Oxford (UK) among the Top 5.

The First in the list was Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi features on the list at 212th position, followed by IIT Bombay at 227th position and IIT Kanpur at 278th position. If talk on continental level Even in the Asian rankings, India just has 11 institutes among the top 300 institutes.

The authorities explained that several universities do not even participate in this process due to lack of awareness and do not give adequate information when asked for it, which is considered as one of the reason for the poor rankings.

But mostly we have the Indian education system as it focuses more on book-based education and less on overall personality development of a child. Our education system is more focused on producing graduates to join the workforce, rather than knowledge driven.

Our university students lag behind when it comes to creative work in any field, publishing peer-reviewed articles in top journals or pure research. We’ve lost the ability to create knowledge in our universities, though they can provide technically qualified people to run our IT sector or space projects.

We need to really take some measure to improve the quality of education the emphasis should be more on knowledge than on gaining marks.

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