MIT Tops World University Rankings, Overtakes Cambridge

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of America’s most honourable institutes, has topped the
University Rankings table by QS for the year 2012. MIT now holds the number one spot, toppling UK’s Cambridge University which found itself at the top of the list in the last couple of years. Cambridge, which placed number one last year, is now second after MIT. QS is a ranking that rates the world’s top 400 universities on the basis of student strength, strength in research, faculty, employability figures and understanding of international prospects. Out of the top five universities, three universities are from the UK making it the most popular country for higher studies and Six out of the top ten institutions in the table compiled by QS World University Rankings are American.

John O’Leary, the editor of the Times Good University Guide, told the Times newspaper: ‘It is vital that British universities maintain their positions among the leaders in the world both for research and the recruitment of international students. ‘Their own finances depend on it and both contribute large sums to the national economy

While MIT ranks first and Cambridge has taken the second spot followed by Harvard, which held the top spot for six years between 2004 and 2009, Prestigious University College, London (UCL) took the fourth spot while Oxford took the fifth spot.

Other universities that made it to the list of World renowned colleges include Imperial University, Yale University, University of Chicago, Princeton University and California Institute of Technology. A report regarding the fees structure of the mentioned universities was also published which showed the escalated fees of the UK Universities.

Sources from QS have warned the universities in the UK about a possible struggle next year to stay at the top with a lot of students choosing more affordable alternatives. The stringent visa rules were another drawback for the UK universities.

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