Will iPhone5 Do Wonders For Apple ?

It’s not long when Steve jobs left this world and left a huge void in the world of technology and big question mark on the future of Apple but its new CEO Tim Cook assured that he will try to do his best and will offers their customers what the Apple always promises to give best in technology and innovation. Now the time has came to see whether Tim cook and Apple really delivered what they promise.

The first product of Apple after Steve Jobs death the much awaited i-phone5 will be launched on 12 September 2012.The people are eagerly waiting for its launch for quite a long time and are expecting a lot from the innovative makers, will apple be able to meet there expectation definitely there is a lot of buzz about the expected features such as a slightly larger screen, a faster processor, a smaller dock connector and possibly NFC technology that would make it easier for shoppers to make payments through their Phones, also various guesses are made regarding the price which is expected to be about$700-800 but the true picture will come in front of us once it is launched.

Presently the things are going Apple’s way winning a patent case against their arch rivals Samsung and getting $1.05 b in compensation also forcing them to make modification in some of their models, this will surely have a affect on Samsung sales who has taken over Apple in Smartphone sales after launch of galaxy S3 and are in very strong position in Smartphone market.

Hopefully iPhone 5 will work like wonders for Apple and help it achieve its dominance in the global market.

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