Stuxnet : Online Atomic Bomb

Stuxnet. The Online Worm which is possibly made by US-Israeli Intelligence Unit is one of the most dangerous and 20 times more complex than any other virus present in the Bits & Bytes World. It is also believed that US-Israel Intelligence built the Virus and have completely “lost control” of it.

The virus is so sophisticated that it has actually “HALTED” the Iran’s Nuclear Program by shutting down almost 1000 centrifuges and also shutting down the Under Construction Nuclear Reactors, which has pushed the country’s ambitious Nuclear program by 2 years.

Watch this video for more information:

The most astonishing thing about Stuxnet is that it can deliver keystrokes, screenshots and other important information from the user to the information receiver without being indicated.

Ohh! and one more astonishing fact … the size of virus is just 500 KB.The virus is also available to freely download on Internet (Only the skilled will be able to find the real one!).

The Stuxnet has already started to evolve, the recent two which are believed to be related to Stuxnet are :


Mostly spreads through emails. Commands and controls servers found across the world.


It has a code with a size of 20MB; Stuxnet has a size of just 500KB. Can take screenshots, record keystrokes, steal data and monitor network activities.

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