Jism 2 Review : 2 on 5 OzyFlms

Rating: Two OzyFlms(Ozy Flames) for this one!

So here we have a typical Bollywood cliché – a complex love triangle where a woman is trapped between her long lost emotions for her ex-lover Kabir and Ayaan’s growing fondness for her which she too, at times, reciprocates. But our ‘patriot’ porn star Izna must kill her emotions for Kabir to save the nation.
First things first, Leone looks predictably hot, has an easy screen presence but in a role that capitalises on little except her obvious USPs from every conceivable angle, this comes as no surprise. What else? She delivers her lines with the concentration of an impassive newsreader rattling off cue cards on the screen. She has the body but not the racy persona required to hit the sensual notes in the footsteps of a Sharon Stone or Bipasha Basu.

The story maybe a bit obscure but the screenplay is quite well-written though it is hard to compare the movie with ‘Arth’ as the film’s director Pooja Bhatt claims it to be. Also, keeping aside the few aesthetically shot sex scenes in the film and Leone’s cleavage show, it is unfair to bracket it as an erotic or a sleazy film.

Both, Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda fit well into their respective characters but the trophy goes to Randeep for portraying such an intense role with élan. As Kabir, Hooda does things passionately- be it making love, killing or even reciting Urdu poetry.

But the film falls short to create that much needed impact. It is hard to decipher why Arunoday Singh has to first sleep with Sunny Leone before introducing himself. Was it because even he could not resist the ‘golden’ chance of making love to her? Second, Sunny Leone claims herself to be a porn star in the film, but there is hardly any scene that shows her getting filmed while doing the act. Funnily, she is shown sleeping around men to earn her bread and butter. Can someone please tell Ms Bhatt that a porn star need not be a prostitute?

Collection :thanks to the total accumulated on Thu + Fri, the overall figure looks quite good: Rs 20 cr to Rs 21 cr nett.

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