Choosing the best Instagram Filter for your photo.

Clicked some awesome photographs? Now its time to give some touch up to your photographs with Instagram. Here are some tips from Mashable.

1. Amaro

Techniques: Dodged center, slight exposure.

Effect: The increased exposure seems to add more light, which oddly enough, can often make a photo appear harsh.

When to use it: The darker the photo, the more pronounced the filter effect. Use Amaro to give a photo an aged appearance, as if you’d left the photograph out in the sun too long.

2. Rise

Techniques: Slight exposure, warm temperature, yellow tint.

Effect: The Rise filter adds a golden glow, which paints any picture in a softer, more forgiving light.

When to use it: On a close-up photo of your teenager’s pimply skin.

3. Hudson

Techniques: Dodged center, heightened shadows, cool tint.

Effect: Hudson alters the light in your photo, making it appear icy. The photo on the left could very well have been taken on a warm fall day, but the photo at right appears wintry and cold.

When to use it: Outdoors, especially when photographing architecture for a modern, sleek vibe.

4. Sierra

Techniques: High exposure, low contrast, slightly dodged center.

Effect: This filter infuses a cloudy quality to a photo, almost as if you were daydreaming.

When to use it: Sierra can easily wash skin tones out, so reserve it for timeless still life and landscape shots.

5. Lo-Fi

Techniques: High saturation, warm temperature.

Effect: As if you clicked the auto-enhance button in a basic photo editing tool, Lo-Fi adds instantly rich colors and strong shadows.

When to use it: Food porn!

6. Earlybird

Techniques: Vignette corners, warm temperature, sepia tint.

Effect: This is the exact photo effect I imagine for old western photos. The golden-red tones invoke past times, while the vignette effect retains drama.

When to use it: To photograph your cigarette-smoking, unsmiling hipster friends.

7. Sutro

Techniques: Burned edges, dramatic highlights and shadows.

Effect: Sutro adds a sinister tone to nearly every photo, combining both richness and Gothicism.

When to use it: The next time you photograph vampires.

8. Toaster

What it does: Dodged center, vignette edges, sherbet tint.

Effect: Although several of Instagram’s filters feature shadowed edges, Toaster’s vignette is dramatic, adding an aged, burnt quality to your images.

When to use it: When you wish to focus a subject or object in the center of the frame and tilt-shift just won’t cut it.

9. Brannan

What it does: Metallic tint, high exposure, high contrast.

Effect: Brannan richens deep colors while softening neutrals, adding a sepia-like effect to your photos à la 19th century.

When to use it: Perfect for dramatic shadows, whether close-up or from a distance.

10. Inkwell

Techniques: Zero color saturation.

Effect: Black and white, plain and simple.

When to use it: With striking shadows and plays of light. I always use Inkwell when photographing chandeliers, for example.

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