Russian Wikipedia Shuts Down in Wake of Censorship

If you are in Russia and want some help in your home work today , Wikipedia wont be able to help you today.

Translated in English the above statement states :

The State Duma is expected to hold a second hearing about amendments to the Information Act, which could lead to the creation of extra-judicial censorship of the entire internet in Russia, including banning access to Wikipedia in the Russian language.

Today the Wikipedia community voices protest against the introduction of censorship, which is dangerous for the freedom of knowledge – something which must be open-access for all mankind.

The State of Duma is considering a law which would shutdown access to child-pornography and suicide promotion sites but Internet-freedom advocates say that its scope is much, much wider, and that it will create a Russian equivalent of China’s Great Firewall. According to the BBC, if approved, the bill “would allow the government to set up an agency which would maintain a list of banned sites.”

Not only Wikipedia but also LiveJournal which is tenth most popular website in the country also had a statement on their webpage : “LiveJournal considers the introduction of any restrictions on freedom of expression and information in the Internet to be unacceptable.”

This is the third such protest taken by an edition of Wikipedia. In October, Italy’s Wikipedia piloted the shutdown tactic in opposition to a censorship bill proposed by Silvio Berlusconi. In January, the English-language version did much the same in protest of the SOPA/PIPA legislation then under consideration in Congress.

With today’s Russian-language shutdown, the pattern suggests that this is now Wikipedia’s go-to plan for what its editors see as crisis-points — censorship bills on the cusp of becoming laws. The choice to self-censor, even for just a day, sends a powerful message to Internet users that greater government regulation of the Internet is a real and immediate possibility.

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